Megan Dalitsch

Megan spent her earliest years in Germany, but calls Kansas City home.  During her youngest years she danced ballet and ran, counting athletics high among her priorities.  On family trips she spent time chasing her mother to the top of mountains along rugged trails in Colorado and other locations, although she spent more time looking than walking.  Her love of the outdoors and especially of the mountains grew with a formal education in geology, including a memorable summer in the mountains of Wyoming.  Photography has been a long time interest and hobby, and with her expanding world travels her subject matter has multiplied quickly.  She has also recently moved into the digital age where she has found more flexibility in the opportunities to experiment with different lighting and exposure.

Walter Dalitsch III

Walt was born and reared on a small farm in northern Illinois.  Spending most of his free time outdoors while growing up he quickly became accustomed to the ways and beauty of nature and all her beasts.  Counting canoeing, camping, hiking and horseback riding among his hobbies, he would much rather be somewhere without walls and a roof.  In fact, the further away from pavement, steel, glass, and car alarms, hustle and bustle the better.  Photography started almost by accident while taking a class in junior high school, during which time he actually learned to develop his own film.  His parents finally gave him a camera for his birthday after he spent more time with his father's on family vacations than his father did.  Although he now leaves developing to the professionals, he still spends a lot of time experimenting with different films and shutter speeds.

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